UoS – Open Days

In November 2012 we were commissioned to produce a short promotional film which showcases the benefits of attending a University of Sunderland Open Day.

Featuring Cian O’Sullivan

The Zombie Room

Bronze Winner – Internet/Online Commercial

The Telly Awards


A thing of beauty, lost to time.
Dodie Joy Garson

Looking back gives life to what may seem a colourless existence.

Watch the trailer here

Inspiration & Testimonials

A very urban, cutting edge professional trailer. It sums up the book very well. There has already been interest in major film companies with this title – and I can quite see why!

– Laura Lockington | Director of Marketing and Publicity - Book Guild Publishing

As film-makers, our own human experiences must shape the pieces we produce.

– Nicholas Glean | Senior Lecturer - University of Sunderland

The Blueprint judges were extremely impressed with the passion, determination and vision that the group have for their business.

– Vince Robson | Business Development Manager - University of Sunderland

Their filmed excerpts perfectly complemented the staging of the play and added a ‘wow’ factor to the visual side of the production.

– Ed Waugh & Trevor Wood | Writers - http://www.edwaughandtrevorwood.co.uk/

They listened carefully to our brief and then applied their own creative ideas and technical skills to the production. The film provides an excellent showcase of what Open Days at the University of Sunderland are really like.

– Milly Shaw | Web Editor - http://www.sunderland.ac.uk/ug/opendays/